Sorry, wrong number...or is it?

It's always interesting to see how people accidentally stumbled on this blog. Most of the time people wound up looking at my page when they were looking for something entirely different.

Many hits came from searches on particular designer labels I've mentioned, such as Mike & Chris and Geren Ford (which was referenced multiple times). Sometimes people search for pages related to clothes shrinking and wound up reading these posts.

The most frequently used string of words by far is "Target markdown schedule." I guess there's a lot of like-minded Target shoppers out there. The schedule is actually on the Slave to Target page; I just talked about it a little bit.

The "Deceptively Similar" award goes to "off the rack." Many people expecting to find a definition for that term left my blog disappointed. I'll tell you now straight up what it is: it just means ready-to-wear, as in you can pick it off the rack, buy it, take it home, and wear it.

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