Geren Ford on sale at FIDM

These last couple of days, I used shopping as a way to kill time.

Last night I had to find some way to amuse myself between the time I got out of work and the time my friend hosted a night of dinner and wine tasting...mmm... My friend (you know who you are), if you're reading this, thanks again for a wonderful evening. Anyway, before I went to her house, I went to a Marshall's near my workplace. I was hoping to find tops for work, but I ended up finding a pair of work-appropriate gaucho pants that not only looked good, but fitted perfectly. Gaucho pants usually don't look good on me, so I was very happy to find a pair that worked. It had some crud stuck on it, so the price was marked down by a few bucks. I would never buy anything that has a stain on it; notwithstanding the stuff stuck on the pants, there was no staining. I figured the stuff would wash off, so I plunked down $11 for it.

I had to be at school early today, but I got to skip out early. I wanted to find more work fare, and I had luck before at FIDM, so off I went to try my luck again. I struck out with regard to work wear, and there's not much else exciting except for a lot of Geren Ford items. In case you haven't heard, the Geren Ford kimono dresses are really hot sellers. That's why I love the FIDM scholarship store--it allows me to buy designer merchandise at prices I can actually afford, without the lengthy internal debate. A lot of the good stuff already got picked off (at under $20, that's no surprise), and no kimono tunics or dresses (again, no surprise), but here's what I found:

Some very low-cut dresses tops in a variety of colors, including this one. The solid colors were black, orange, olive, and navy, and there was a dress with a flower print on a red background. I love the print dress, but the straps are so long and the dress so low cut that it didn't work for me. You really need to have a chest for this one. The sizing runs small.

Two very low-cut tops, including this one and another in black. I love this print! Alas, too low cut for me. I had to put it back.

OK, there are too many images, so I'll just be putting in hyperlinks. A black tube top with a print on it, same cut as this one. Didn't look right on me, so it went back.

A lavender bubble tunic, in Large. I like something more fitted, so I left it untouched.

Lots of shorts, including this pair.

A number of sheer tops like this one.

The blue pants (also in black) and the ankle-length version of the color-block dress you see here. Unfortunately, the dress had a stain on the front. I thought the pants looked great, but it's not something I'd wear a whole lot, so I decided not to buy them.

There were other things as well. I do NOT recommend buying the linen pants with tie belt...they look like PJ pants to me, can get very wrinkley, and waaay too brightly colored.

It was too bad that the dresses and the tops didn't work for me, since they were gorgeous. I did, however, walk out of the store with a pair of carpenter shorts. While the sizing of the tops runs small, the bottoms appear to be true to size. I tried on a small in navy blue and it really bunched up at the crotch. I was very disappointed, since the shorts were very comfortable, but I lucked out when I found an XS pair in olive for $8. They looked even better when I tried them on again at home:

The pockets are interesting--it's like a U-shape on the side. The shorts may not look the cutest, but they are incredibly comfortable and that's exactly what I need.

If you've been wanting to get something by Geren Ford and are lucky enough to be in LA, head there before it's all gone.


Marcy said...

oh that red-print top is very cute!

I've always had such a hard time finding shorts that fit and were comfortable...

Thomas said...

They just built a new Target five minutes from my house.

I have already been there twice today.

And, darn it, looks like I forgot to by a toilet plunger.

I may have to go back...yet again.