Is Beta Betta?

We shall see. I just switched over to the newfangled beta version of Blogger. Don't know how some of my posts and the ability to leave comments will be affected yet. If you're one of my regular readers and leaving a comment with your Blogger account doesn't work, you can still use the "other" (type in your blog URL) or anonymous functions.

Already I'm encountering a few problems. I can't use HTML tags in my profile. Boo...

The good news is that I can put labels on each post so that they can be categorized by subject matter. I wanted to find a way to do that a while ago, and now it's gotten easier. However, while the drag-and-drop Layout interface is nice, I don't have as much control as I did under the old template. I had a basic working knowledge of CSS, JavaScript, and HTML, but not XML. Thus, I'm having lots of trouble tweaking the new template.

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