Freely Cultured (Amendment)

Ah, I thought I heard wrong, but not so. My friend's group at the dance did say museums were free on Sunday! In fact, some are free Saturday, and some on Sunday (including MOCA and LACMA)!

I should add that the Saturday one (today!) is for different museums across the country. Readers far and wide outside of LA, I haven't forgotten about you!

Many Thanks for letting me know, Brian! You guys definitely know more about this stuff than I do (hopefully I can go on one of your organized outtings in the near future, since I was never available for the other ones).


bee said...

How cool! I would have loved to take advantage of this!

bee said...

(pee ess -- I'm so glad Old Skool Blogger and New Skool Blogger are able to coexist and I can leave comments normally again!)

Haute Girl said...

any nyc deals?

Sales Rack Raider said...

Haute Girl: sorry, I don't know. Since I'm only able to pass on what I know, I tend to be more LA-centric.

Bee: even though it's too late to take advantage of this weekend's free days, you might still be able take advantage of their regular free days.