Meal-time Shopping

Many people use their lunch hour to work out, shop, etc. I usually use mine to, well, eat. I guess I just like to take the time to enjoy my food and not worry about hurrying from one place to another. But today was different. Due to the nature of the work I was doing, and the fact that my back was hurting, I just had to get out and walk around. It didn't take me long to eat, so I had quite a bit of time left. I used that time to visit the local DSW, which is very different from the one I usually hit. This particular location had really high-end things--think Prada, Missoni, and Givenchy at 20-80% off. Granted the post-discount price still equate the painful removal of multiple appendages, it's hard to find that kind of discount anywhere else.

I was there to look for a pair of strappy sandals for going out, since I have yet to find a pair that's inexpensive and suits my specifications. Today's trip still didn't end that search. However, the clearance handbags were all really good. I managed to bring home this one:

Pollini bags don't come cheap. I've seen them at Loehmann's, where I was still not able to afford them. This one retailed $250, then down to DSW's retail of $100, then another 80% off = about $20. I've been looking for a light-colored bag that I can take to work, and this fits the bill. It's not perfect--a few streaks and the straps are kinked, probably from hanging too long on the racks--but it's hard to find a high-quality, stylish leather bag for $20 anywhere else. I figured that as my hand carries the bag, the shoulder kink would be gone. At checkout, I joined their frequent buyer's club (kind of like Loehmann's Insider Club) for the points. Since I like their merchandise and it's free to join, why not?

After work, I was to meet up with friends and head to the gym together. Since they had something to do between the time I got out of work and the time we met, I decided to spend some quality time at the local Ross. Couldn't find any sandals there either, but when I saw these Bandolino boots, I thought, "Wow, these are hot!"

OK, so they don't look as nice under flash, but take my word for it that they're pretty. I've been searching for a pair of brown knee-high boots for a few years. These are only mid-calf boots, but it makes more sense to buy them than to hold out for a knee high pair. It's nice to have variety--I already have ankle boots and knee-high boots, so why not get something in between? They were $25--not dirt cheap, but good enough of a price point. While I was at Ross, I found a pair of Rampage sunglasses and some double-sided tape. I'm perfectly willing to spend $3 on the tape because it's so hard to make something similar at home.

While these two pieces were chosen primarily for the classic look, they also have elements that make them look edgy. Subtle buckles and studs toughen them up, and they're not so garish as to go out of style quickly. These accessories will survive in my closet for quite a while. They'll be suitable for work outfits as well as casual outfits. Here's the outfit I thought I'd wear for school (and shopping with a friend afterwards):

Yup, the bag is big enough to carry my books.

[Ed.: I ended up wearing this sweater, since it was overcast. Much better outfit since it doesn't show as much skin, but I guess I should have known better than to wear these short shorts to school.]

Well, that's it. I'll be very busy this weekend and early next week. Next Monday is the 1-year birthday for this blog. I had planned to do a special feature, but that'll have to be postponed. Oh well, that's life; belated birthdays happen all the time.


BrownEyedGirl said...

Love the boots!!!

Anonymous said...

(I'm having issues logging in with the new Blogger, but I've been dying to comment on a bunch of stuff!)

Love the bag, that's quite a steal! And it looks awesome with that outfit!


Sales Rack Raider said...

Thanks, ladies!

Bee--I don't like the hassles with the new Blogger either, but you can choose your identity as "other" and put in your blog's URL if you want to sign off that way.

The Cheap Chica said...

cute finds.