Constructive Notice

As you can see, the appearance of this blog changed over time. Now it's finally to my satisfaction.

Here's an explanation of the different categories I've organized my posts into:

Accessories--self-explanatory. Since accessories tend to be a cheap means to update the wardrobe, I talk about them quite a bit.

Admin--primarily related to the administrative side of blogging, such as special notices.

Clothing Care--how to make your purchases last without incurring excessive expenses.

Dealy Dally--there are tons of blogs out there announcing sales, but this is not one of them. However, from time to time I will point out sales that I think are noteworthy.

Decision Tree--what this blog is all about. This section includes general strategies as well as decision trees to guide your thinking process.

DIY--Do-it-yourself. This includes crafts and clothing alteration tips.

Domestic Agenda--tips for your home.

Endlessly Entertaining--laugh your way to the bank, or just laugh.

Goods and Services--blame it on my legal education for this misnomer. When I created this category, I had the Uniform Commercial Code on my mind. The Goods and Services section covers primarily services, as in how to save money when you're not buying fungible items. I thought I'd make this category somewhat of a catch-all for the few occasions when I want to talk about the sale of goods and the discussion doesn't fit anywhere else.

Multiuse--I'm a big fan of trying to find as many uses for a particular item as possible.

Problem Solved--direct solutions or work-arounds for certain pesky problems.

Professional Life--it is possible to minimize the costs associated with projecting a professional image.

Review--self-explanatory. Reviews can be on any number of things.

She Shoots/She Scores--some of the spoils of my (bargain) hunts.

Special Series--a place for me to keep serial posts contiguous.

Style--I'm by no means a fashionista, but I do have opinions on how to maximize the life of fashion purchases. Read all about my crazy ideas.

The Soapbox--I should have named this "the lecturn" instead. My random rants and raves.


As for the header, it speaks to what I want this blog to be: methodical and informative but also creative and fun. As much as I hated Bayesian statistics (see the formula on the notepad?) I think it's a good protocol for how to think things through. You can also get a glimpse of the workshorse machine that makes this blog possible. The necklace is something I've blogged about in the past, and the top is something I'll write about in the near future. The tags? That's to guilt-trip me into not shopping. I've amassed quite a few of those...


Marcy said...

Cute header! Did you make that yourself? I've been wondering about asking someone to make one for me, as I'd be kinda hopeless at it...

Sales Rack Raider said...

Yes, I did! Arranged, shot, then Photoshopped. It took a lot of tweaking of the code to get it right, especially I'm illiterate when it comes to XML (after the change to Beta), but it can be done.

I'll email you about it later...