My Double-Sided Tape Adventures

With all the stuff that's been going on in addition to school and work, there's less and less time for online activities. Since I still have some time before my last class of the day, I figured I'd squeeze in a post.

Although these last two weeks were enveloped in bad news, there were a few bright spots. My law review paper is officially published (yay!) and I went to my friend's birthday at a trendy bar/club. I'm not particular fond of the bar/club scene, but when I go with the right people, it's lots of fun.

Going to a hip nightspot meant I had to dress up and look hot for the occasion...oh, what a hassle. (I was being sarcastic.) I finally got the chance to wear my Pegah Anvarian top (twenty bucks, baby!) for a night out. The only other time I wore the top, I layered it over a black t-shirt because the sides and the back are so low cut. That was a huge problem when I wanted to wear the top by itself.

Because I was alternately working and studying until the dead of night, there was no time for me to buy some proper double-sided tape on such short notice. Besides, I was too cheap to pay $8 for a package of tape that won't last me very long. Hence, I decided to try to create my own version.

I needed tape that was sticky enough to stay on me, even if I heat up and bounce around a lot, and not leave tape residue on my clothes. I already had that tape on hand--3M's Nexcare fabric tape, which can be found in the first-aid aisle of drugstores. I got mine at the 99 Cents store, where the tape was cheaper. Each roll will last many uses. I peeled off a small piece, made a loop (with the sticky side out) so that it tapes onto itself, then slapped it on. It adhered well enough, but the problem is that the inside of the loop is free to move around a lot. Therefore, if the pieces are too big, your shirt may shift and expose the tape. I tried to solve the problem by sticking the tape further "in," away from the edges, but it was obvious that it's not an ideal method.

I decided to try out another idea. I went out and bought double-sided Scotch tape, thinking that I can use it to connect up the non-sticky sides of the fabric tape. Alas, the Scotch tape was not powerful enough for that purpose. OK, so Scotch tape didn't work. Let's try glue! In less than a minute, I found out what an unfeasible idea it was. In the end, I went back to my ghetto taping method using small pieces of tape, and lots of them. They lasted throughout the night, though sometimes my top did move around and I had to straight it out to hide the tape. It worked, but definitely not the best way. At least peeling them off wasn't very painful.

Next time, I'll just have to find other alternatives and make sure I don't infringe any patents while I'm at it.


bee said...

Brilliant idea!

Marcy said...

I've been thinking of investing in double-sided tape lately... hmmm.