There IS redemption for buyer's remorse--jeans

Here's a classic hypothetical: you see something on the sales rack that is really, really marked down. You try it on, you kinda like it, it's a little big on you, but since it's fits and it's cheap you buy it anyways. After taking it home, you decided that it's not really your thing, but oops, you can't return it anymore. Before forever banishing the offending piece to the darkest part of your closet, or worse, the trash can, there is something you can do without paying a visit and lots of cash to a tailor. This is part 1 of a series that will develop as I revisit my own fashion mistakes.

Problem: The infamous bulge at the waistband. The jeans were just a tad too big, and alas, didn't shrink in the dryer.

Solution: I'm having this problem with a pair of my newly-acquired $10 jeans. There are a couple of things you can do. The obvious solution is a good belt. The wider, the better--if the belt is too thin, the bulge will get even uglier when you cinch the waistband, not to mention your belt is drawing attention to the problem area. A wide belt hides everything.

If you're still concerned that the belt isn't doing the trick, or you just don't want to wear one, or too cheap to get a wide belt (that's me), wear a top that's long enough to hide the waistband. Since the bared midriff is getting phased out, there are plenty of long, trendy tunics, camis, and t-shirts around. A shirtdress is also great for that purpose. I'm sure you must have at least one such item in your closet. Problem solved if you're wearing something loose and deconstructed, but if you put on a fitted top, the big loose waistband is going to ruin a smooth silhouette. Don't wear a big belt underneath, since the bulkiness will show through. Either wear the big belt on top, which is all the rage these days, or go for a discrete scarf or a ribbon belt below. Cool necklaces or earrings will also help run interference, but an eye-catching bracelet might be a bad idea, for obvious reasons.

If your jeans are long enough and not too flared, fold them into big cuffs just above your ankles. That'll surely detract attention from the midsection. Besides, it's an economical way to observe the trends--why spend money on a pair of jeans that comes already cuffed when that style isn't going to last? I'm not very fond of this fad, but at least it's utilitarian and looks really good on my jeans.

For guys, this never seems to be a problem. What's with the boxer-showing trend, anyways? Ick. Better yet, just throw on something oversized. Problem solved.

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