Following up on yesterday's post

I actually found something from the Bloomies website that's cute and affordable. White sandals scream "summer," but these have enough funky patterns on it such that it's cute all ear round. Too bad they don't have any in my size, but for a sales item (now $30, retail was $80), the range of remaining sizes are quite good. There are also Ugg-styled boots in different colors (I like the burgundy) for $30 in sizes 5 or 10. Uggs are horrible with miniskirts a la Kirsten Dunst, but I can't disagree that they are quite warm and practical for the winter. A little color helps cheer things up, too. There are also a few "deals" for expensive handbags, relatively acceptable prices for some suits and Lacoste casual summer tops and bottoms, but other than that, nothing else is cheap.

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