For the poor freezing folks outside of Southern California (or for SoCal residents who want to prepare for cold weather)

I felt compelled to come out of my self-imposed exile (which I spent reading) to bring you this important announcement: Classic Closeouts is having an extra discount on their outerwear. Yes, the deals are stellar. Coats that were $50 just weeks ago are now $30. Both men and women can partake in this bounty before it's gone.

If I were a guy, I would want this Kenneth Cole jacket. Even though I don't believe it's worth the $300 retail, it definitely looks good. It's now $30! There's also a shorter version of this jacket, also $30, but I just like longer-lengths. Doesn't look like there's a whole lot left. There's also a heavy wool coat for $30, but I don't think it looks as sleek. It's still utilitarian, and $30 for a wool coat is hard to beat.

For the ladies, this looks like a nice Anne Klein pea coat. The color is bright, and if you like attention, it'll surely make you stand out in a crowd of dark colored coats this winter. Also $30. A caveat--I think the sizes may run big. I bought a long walking coat which did not look as I expected. It was supposed to be x-small, but it was really big on me. The color was a bit of a disappointment...other than the lapels, it was not "charcoal gray" but more like a brown. As you can imagine, the two-toned combo can't be good. Still, I didn't return it because I figured $30 is a good price for a long wool coat. I still have a bit of buyer's remorse (very rare for me), but the coat is warm/utilitarian and I'll try to use accessories to make the best of it. There are also a couple of cute XOXO cropped jackets (in denim or white corduroy) with faux fur collars. Jackets look cute, faux fur not, but if you don't mind the faux fur (and who knows? It might be removable), then it might be a good buy for you. One thing the jackets have going for them is the price--$13 is not bad at all. Even with shipping, that's the price you would have had to pay for something comparable from the Macy's sales rack (I got a denim XOXO motorcycle jacket there for $16).

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