Great deals and selections now at the FIDM Scholarship Store

When I first heard all the raves about the good deals at the FIDM Scholarship Store, I knew I had to check it out. The first time I went, the store was under renovation, so the place looked really messy. All I could find was a $5 "damaged" white Doki Geki military-style jacket, but I was quite happy. You see, the "damage" was just missing buttons. That was really easy to fix, and the linen jacket has served me very well. The store now looks fabulous. However, subsequent visits turned up nothing but mostly junk. I was pretty much ready to say "I'll never go there again."

Today, I needed a good belt to replace one that literally fell apart, so I went to the store again since I know they have belts starting at $2. It turns out to be a good day to go. Most of the clothing in the store had an additional 50% discount, including some formal dresses. I certainly scored when I got a pretty embroidered top for $8. There was also a good selection of belts, so I picked up the one I needed for $4. There were other things I wanted to buy, like a perfectly good Forever 21 3/4-sleeved, fitted empire waist fitted top with broad brown stripes. There were also some cute Charlotte Tarantola tops. They were all $6-8! However, having spent all that money last Friday, I wisely decided not to buy anything else.

I didn't pay attention to the one rack devoted to guys' clothes, but from what I saw, they looked pretty good. Some cool dress shirts stood out.

You can read more about the store here. I don't know how long the sale will last, though. I still think the store is junky and "hit and miss" is an understatement, but when the sales are on, there are good deals to be found. It just takes a few trips to score. If you need fabrics, it's a great place to go--great selection with low prices. Another note--street parking is only available until 3pm, so plan your trip accordingly. The meters at 9th and Grand are 25 cents per 10 minutes.

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