Rainy Day Blues, and Greens, and Reds...

I just got home from school and intended to start working on my paper (due tomorrow) right away, but I'm just too bushed. What I really need is sleep, but some downtime by the way of talking fashion is a close second. Anyways, I digress...thunderstorm season is hitting LA. Other than cleaning out the air, the only thing good about the rain is that I finally get the chance to wear my cute Esprit wellies (remember these?). I'm not too fond of the whole jeans in boots trend, but jeans tucked into these babies don't look too bad. Apparently they are available again on the website at a superlow price of $11.70. Get 'em before they're gone!

On the higher end of the price spectrum, I found these funky cowboy boot-style wellies by Tamara Henriques. $90 retail is just too much, and I still won't buy them at $45, but it's priced well considering many cute non-designer rainboots I've seen (other than Target's $19.99 selection) start at $30. For the designer category, I've seen a pair of rather hideous yellow-with-orange-toe Jeffrey Campbell flat cowboy rainboots for $60 (no longer available) and also plain, bright-colored Ralph Lauren wellies for around $30 at Bluefly. At least for an extra $15, you get a fairly unique and well-adorned set of wellies.

If you're a dressy girl and don't want chunky rainboots to ruin the look, there are a couple of options. The ever-popular Sigerson Morrison rain or shine skimmers aren't cheap, but at least you can get them at Go Clothing for $81.25 instead of $125 (also available in purple and green). Maybe I haven't looked hard enough, but I haven't found these things on sale anywhere else. Spending that much money on rain gear is ridiculous, but these shoes are so cute that you can recoup your investment wearing them a lot when it's not raining (in fact, it was designed to do so, hence the name).

Flats aren't going to work for you if you plan to be out clubbing, but I've found some sexy Kenneth Cole T-strap sandals on Bluefly. It's all man-made material and at $35, it's not at my preferred rock-bottom price, but at least the patent leather finish makes it look expensive and unlike real leather strappy sandals, you won't ruin them in the rain. I doubt these shoes were made for rain, but it looks like raindrops will roll right off the surface. Then again, if you really want party shoes at rock-bottom price (that you don't mind ruining), try Target or Payless. However, I think Target shoes last a little longer and in general look trendier. My favorite pair of 3-inch heel sandals from Payless had a crack across the sole after about 2 years of occassional wear, and tennis shoes lasted even less than that.

Stay safe on the road!

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