Dude, Where's the Sale Section?

Whenever I walk into a brick-and-mortar store, I head straight for the sales racks. The same goes for online shopping--I look out for links like "sale," "clearance," "special," "closeout," etc. However, I've learned that the best deals aren't necessarily listed in the sales section. Instead, they are buried in the midst of full-priced merchandise. Sometimes it might be human error--someone forgot to index the markdowns in a standalone section.

If the site doesn't have a standalone sales section, you might want to start clicking. If the online store is small, it makes sense just to click through all the sections (tops, bottoms, accessories) to see if anything's been marked down. For a store with a big selection, this obviously isnt going to work. In that case, take a "random" sample of a few sections to see if there are any sales items. If you come up empty, chances are sales items don't exist on that site.

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