For people who like expensive jeans...

...now is the time to hit the ScoopNYC sale. I saw the sale posted on The Budget Fashionista this morning and decided to take a look right away. Fairly good discounts on expensive jeans--at 50% and more. Well, apparently people also got word of it today or something...when I checked just now, practically all of the jeans I saw this morning are gone save for a few. The cheapest pair is the Salt "Mullberry Street" jeans at $26 for sizes 24 and 26. The next cheapest is the Juicy low rise flair trouser (25 and 31) at $35...I now own this as a result of last week's sample sales, and I can say from experience that it's comfy but does run kinda small, so buyer beware.

I have to say I'm not terribly impressed with the summer stuff they have on sale. They do have some pretty nice sweaters that are Fall-worthy, though. For size 10 fashionistas going after the velvet trend, you can spend "full price" cash for heavily discounted designer stuff. There's a really cute Marc Jacobs velvet jacket for $150--what it would have cost to buy a brand new "mid-tier" velvet jacket. Yes, I like the Marc Jacobs look, but even if I have money, I wouldn't buy this design mistake...costs way too much for something that looks like a casual terry skirt.

I guess women, collectively, are more of a sales rack vulture than guys...there are still tons of men's clothes available. Bargain shopping usually isn't an equal opportunity activity--I see a heck of a lot more markdowns for women than for men, perhaps because there's a bigger market and more variety for women's clothes, which results in a lot of merchandise to get rid of at the end of the season. It's fairly rare to see huge markdowns like this for guy clothes (low markdowns usually makes gift shopping more difficult for me), so it's fairly refreshing to know that guys can also partake in the bargain hunting process.

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