On hiatus...sort of

In between writing a brief for an imaginary appeal and cranking out my law review paper, I'm gonna have to stay away from shopping (and blogging) for a few weeks. It's so easy to waste time when you're looking at all sorts of pretty clothes, and it takes even longer to talk about them coherently. Hopefully I've dished out enough tips to keep your shopping costs inversely proportional to the amount of stylish clothes you've bagged. Have fun bargain shopping and share the source of your fortuitous finds! Hey, if you can't wear it, be good and let someone else have it.

[Edited to say: a few hours into my self-imposed blogging blackout and I've already broken down my resolve. Let's just say I won't be blogging as regularly, but if there's a good deal, I'll post something. Otherwise I'll be good and get my work done.]

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