The Social Value of Fashion Blogs

The Bargain Queen has a on what people like in a fashion blog. The results will be a part of an upcoming book. I'm all for academic studies, so I took the survey. Pretty interesting stuff! If you're interested, you can take part in it.

Fashion sometimes has a negative image as being shallow, fickle, and trivial. Sometimes it can be all of these things, but there's also the artistic and intellectual sides that are oft overlooked. I like fashion blogs because I like to get new fashion ideas, shopping tips, and a dose of intellect. There are so many fashion blogs out there with insightful and and intelligent commentary, and those blogs can hardly be characterized as shallow, fickle, or trivial. Fashion definitely can be "the whole package"--a combination of beauty and brains.

Why do fashion blogs appeal to you?


Bernie said...

They give me a glimpse into the fashion lives of people who do and afford things that I definitely can't. :o)

alexgirl said...

Fashion blogs are a goldmine for innovation. Even if you can't afford Chanel or Marc Jacobs, you can see what's out there and cultivate your own wicked style.
Plus, I'm a writer, and finding out what people are into and what they like to see/her/do is unendingly helpful to me.

Tiffany said...

Thrifty fashion blogs appeal to me because I seem to be short of both time AND money. I get great ideas and links to fabulous, cheap shopping every single day! It's awesome!