The buttoned-up effect in action

Posting almost didn't happen today. When I turned on my camera this morning, there were the usual lines across the screen when the camera misbehaves, but later on things on the screen became runny blobs. I became really concerned because some of the pictures taken turned out looking like blobs! Thankfully, pushing a few buttons did wonders. I think it's a sign that the camera is really on its last legs, but I'm hoping that it'll last long enough until I start making money and can afford to buy a new one.

To illustrate how buttons can brighten up any outfit, I've chosen something you've seen me wear before--the corduroy shrunken blazer, the green t-shirt, and black pants. I've worn this combo many, many times, but there's something different about each outfit. It's all in the accessories:

Sometimes wearing multiple pins and/or wearing them in off-kilter positions can add a little something-something to a repeat outfit. Wearing more than one big button (or a badge, as some call it) might be overkill, but pairing them with smaller pins can actually look quite good. There's a symbiotic relationship between these two types of pins--the conservative lapel pin gets dressed down while the badge doesn't look awkwardly huge the way it might when worn alone.


S. said...

They look great,nice combo. I like your button postings.

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