Handy Dandy

I've been a big fan of Etsy for a long time (I've sung it praises before), long before I decided to set up shop. It's still the first place I turn to whenever I'm looking for unique yet affordable things. The variety of pretty goods created by people with great tastes (like Ambika from The Fray) is just staggering. Besides, it feels good to support fellow crafters who are trying to make a living or a earn little on the side, and the personal service is just fabulous. I've done quite a bit of shopping on it lately--a couple of things for myself as "research" on what customers see during the buying process, and then a couple more things as gifts.

The first of my shopping spree items: a kanzashi hairclip from Gochemoche. I first saw her work on Modish, and I knew that I had to have one. $6 for the clip, plus $2 shipping in a nice gift box filled with paper stars and a pair of earrings:

It's so pretty! People know I make stuff and thought I made it myself, but sadly, I don't have this kind of talent. Customer service was great, too. A minor issue came up with the clip, and she responded right away offering to pay for return shipping. It was something that I easily fixed, so I didn't need to take her up on the offer. Definitely appreciated it, though. I love my clip and wear it quite a bit. Due to my sad financial state, I have to resist buying more. The affordable price makes temptation so difficult to resist. I'll continue to window-shop until a) I have more money to buy clips for myself, or b) I need a birthday gift.

The next thing I bought was a polymer clay apple charm by Jessica Jane:

I don't know why, but I wanted an apple charm. This non-traditional one was just perfect. There's glitter all over the surface, including the part that's washed out by sunlight. Also $6 and only a dollar for shipping (not some trumped-up price like on eBay).

Finally, gifts for several people I'm collaborating with them for a performance (or should I say dragged them into it). I'm not going to reveal what I got for 2 of the people just in case they might come across this post, but suffice it to say it involved custom embroidery. AuntiFranni was so quick to respond to my inquiries that I decided to stick with her for the custom order. Through almost-instantaneous back-and-forths, we hashed out exactly what I wanted. I got 2 items for $8 each plus $4.05 for priority shipping--roughly $10 per person. It's quite a deal, considering the embroidery job alone costs $8 at some places. I got my package today and I am very happy with it. I've always had such a hard time finding affordable yet suitable gifts for guys, but these are perfect. They're so much better than, say, a gift card--the only "nice" gift that I would have been able to afford.

One of the hidden treasures of Etsy orders is the free gift. I don't buy things with the expectation that I'll get a gift, since the goods are already so reasonably priced to begin with, but many sellers do throw one in (myself included). Fran sent me this one:

It's a chapstick/lipstick holder-slash-keychain. Ain't it nifty?

I still have to find one more gift for my third collaborator and I need it ASAP, so I better continue my shopping!


Carol said...

Hey these look great...and they would make great gifts as well...well you can also find some resources and ideas for birthday gifts over at my blog on Birthday Greetings so drop by sometime and i'm sure you'll enjoy all that i've posted there!!!

ambika said...

Thanks for the shout out!

Also? Cool buys. I was hankering for a pear pendant the other day but am trying to resist given the fact that I haven't been wearing necklaces very much these days.

Tamron Lohan said...

I LOVE apple pendants too for some reason! I had my eye on some terra cotta-colored ones on ebay but the price was getting out of control, and like a GOOD girl, I stopped bidding (for once).

Sales Rack Raider said...

TL, when you mentioned the terra cotta apples, I think I know what you're talking about--I'm surprised that so many people are after them!

The prices on beads/pendants are just going out of control in general. Just a few weeks ago, I was winning stuff for a good budget price, and now all of a sudden I've got competition. Good thing I stocked up early.