Getting Carded

I've gotten interested in notecards lately. It seems like all communications are either over the phone or electronic...very few people write these days. Every time I get a hand-written note or card, I get very excited. I'll try to get back into snail's mail one of these days.

In anticipation of my impending graduation, I've been buying some "thank you" cards to write to guests. There are so many cute ones out there! I found these from Pepperina Press:

I'm such a sucker for vintage and vintage-inspired things. The cards I bought are in the plastic wrap and the freebie is on the outside. They're sooo cute! They're not the usual bargain-basement cards that I tend to buy, but they're affordable, and I want to make this "thank you" special for family members who take the time and effort to come out and celebrate with me.


Bernie said...

My favorite form of communication is still maili correspondence. If I see some pretty stationary or anything with a scalloped edge, it's a done deal. Cute notecards are my crack. Plus you can get some great bargains on adorable paper goods.

*** MeMiLy EdD *** said...

i love writing thank you letters because people don't think you will and are surprized and pleased when you do

Lolly said...

I've been using them as dinner invitations too. We're losing something with email, don't you think?