Cashing Out

Wow, time really flies by. I know that in another 10 weeks or so, I'll be able to call myself a lawyer--I had this conversation with a classmate just a few weeks ago. But it wasn't until I paid my $650 (ouch) to sit for the California Bar Exam that it finally became real for me.

Since "the end is near," I'm starting to wrap stuff up with school. After dragging my feet on my moral character application, I'll finally finish it up and just shell out the money for it. Other things to do are exit interviews and with the school and the loan provider--they really want us to make sure we know how much money we owe. Of course I'll have to put in a cap and gown order soon as well.

I'm also starting to cash out on my LexisNexis and Westlaw points. Let me explain what those are: LexisNexis and Westlaw are competing legal research databases, sort of like Google. They are mega expensive, so in order to get us hooked early, they give student free accounts and points for using them. I've used my Lexis points to get a coffee grinder (this was 2 years ago) and 2 CD's (last week), and I've been saving my Westlaw points for the Big Fish. I'm still waiting for The Big One to come, though it's supposed to take 4-8 weeks. When it's here, I'll let you know what it is!

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