Lean and Crafty Look

I am not doing anything productive today. I wrote 15 pages of a 20-page appellate brief in 7 hours yesterday...that's roughly 2 pages per hour (a new record!) I slept in, ate a microwavable lunch, and bought a pair of earrings from Etsy.

What's Etsy?

If you haven't heard about it, Etsy is the craftster's "buy it now" version of eBay--you leave feedback, you can pay by PayPal, but there's no bidding. I'm really turned off by the hypercommercialism that is fashion these days, with all the logo accessories and the "it" bags carried by everyone on the street just because "Jessica" has one. I want some unique things, but not the exorbitant prices. Sometimes I make stuff, but I'm limited in what I can do because I have neither time nor a sewing machine. However, I'm also not willing to pay $8 shipping for something that costs $2 (this happens a lot on eBay).

That's why I like Etsy so much. A lot of craftspeople make cool jewelry and bags, among other things (like clothes, furniture, objet d'art). There's also a small section of vintage stuff. I'm really digging the jewelry section, since a nice pair of one-of-a-kind earrings can cost as little as $3-5 (some really simple but still really cute ones are as little as a dollar), and shipping is often less than a dollar. Lots of hand-made pendants are really unique and cheap, but I'm trying to keep myself from going shopping-crazy again. I recently bought this cute bag for $5, with $4 of shipping, whch isn't bad considering it's fairly unique.

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