Two of a kind, three of a kind...full house (or should I say full closet)?

When it rains, it pours. It's kinda weird--I've never bought 2 of the same thing, be it in the same color or not, until a couple of weeks ago. During my shopping spree at FIDM, I bought 2 of the same cami at $1 each. The day before, I bought 2 of the same school emblem shirts because the 50% off sale was in its final days. Since anything with school insignia on it tends to be expensive because of licensing fees and all, I thought it was a great deal. The shirts were roughly five bucks each, and I intend to hack the sleeves off of one of them and turn it into a regular t-shirt.

I think it's perfectly fine to buy duplicates of basics. If they're going to be worn a lot and thus wear out more quickly, it makes sense. When it's cheap, why not? Heck, when K-Mart had a sale of dress shirts for $1.50 each, my dad loaded up on them. Most men's dress shirts look the same, so colleagues won't mistakingly think that you're wearing the same shirt from the day before.

Now let's change a variable: color. With basics, that's not a problem. It's useful to have t-shirts in a variety of colors. However, when it comes to a trendier item, that might not be such a good idea. Once the trend passes, you end up with two things that are out of date. Unless you really, really, really like that item and like it enough to wear it beyond its trend lifetime, put that second color down. Having 2 of the same thing is more of a problem for clothes than for shoes, I think. Shoes don't seem to be as susceptible to the change of trends.

Caveat: while it's nice to stock up on basics, let's not go overboard with it. After all, closet space is limited.

That's it for my personal opinions. What do you think about buying in pairs and trios?


Anonymous said...

I do it all the time! Not that I buy every color available (neutrals are preferable) but if I adore a shoe, Tshirt, or a perfectly fitting pair of pants, and I KNOW I'M GOING TO WEAR IT TO DEATH you bet I'll do multiples.

I do have to confess that I did the twosies thing with a handbag last week. Paid full retail and LOVE the buttery soft leather in sunflower yellow so when I spotted it on Ebay in a deep bottle green and at a third of the price I POUNCED. :) :)

Probably won't do that again (multiple handbags seem a little over the top to me) but if an item is something that will be worn over and over it makes sense to me to buy more than one. Nice blog, btw!!

Bernie said...

Lately I've been buying several colors of tops, especially cardigans, which I love to wear and which are so versatile that it's easy to wear the same one for days at a time. So I've started buying colors to coordinate better with outfits - and to dissuade people from thinking that I own only one button-up.

PS: I've started reading your blog just recently...I enjoy it very much.

Sales Rack Raider said...

Thank you so much, anon and Bernie!

Coordination is definitely the way to go. It's amazing how different combinations can fool people into thinking you've got completely new clothes. I remember once someone asked me if I ever wore my clothes more than once. I was rather taken aback.

S. said...

When I love something, I get a panicky feeling that when it's worn out I'll never find it again.

Usually after time has passed, the cut seems out dated or I move on and feel relieved that I didn't go nuts and buy duplicates.

I love a bargain and have to resist buying duplicates when they are dirt cheap because my wardrobe is so extensive, it just doesn't make an ounce of sense.

ambika said...

I have resisted buying duplicates of coats, especially. I love houndstooth and I'm pretty damned fond of the cropped silhouette (which I know is trendy so am uncertain if I'll be wearing it 5 years from now.) I've seen quite a few combos of the above and have had to really restrain myself. But I do!

ps: the big leafiness is so pretty. Vinyl? Who'd have thunk!

Sales Rack Raider said...

Thanks for your comments!

Ambika--vinyl is surprisingly great for crafts (other than clothing, which are best reserved for Halloween). It's flexible, easier to work with, holds its shape (the roll I have is fairly thick), and I can create sharp sillouettes without cutting people when worn.