Visions of the Future

As I mentioned last time, my costumes have always been comprised of things that I can wear during other parts of the year. As a fan of futuristic design, I had quite a few things on hand to assemble into something a little out of the ordinary.

The centerpiece of my costume is a silver tank dress I picked up from Old Navy's several months ago. It was something that I would wear during any particular time (though many others seem to disagree, as they were abundantly available on clearance), but I knew that I wanted to wear it on Halloween. Subsequently, I had a few months to figure out what exactly I was going to dress up as. The idea coalesced somewhat within the past week, but it did not completely solidify until 4 hours before the party started. During the workday, I completely concealed the shiny dress underneath a cardigan and long A-line skirt. I left the knee-high boots in the car; I was not entirely convinced that the color of the boots would go with the dress and other parts of the costume. I brought 2 pairs of sunglasses that could potentially work, but I hadn't decided which pair would work better.

After my work commitments were completed for the day, I went to the mall to find the little things to complete my costume. Luckily, I happened to be located across the mall that day, so getting to the mall wasn't that much of a hassle. The first thing I looked for was a pair of electric blue tights. I've always wanted it, but never got around to buying a pair until now. After walking into a couple of shops and not finding any, I was beginning to wonder if I was a little too last minute. Fortunately, the salesgirl in one shop that *didn't* have the tights told me that I can find that color in Express, and Express did indeed have exactly what I was looking for.

The next thing I needed was a broad white hairband. That was easy enough to find--Claire's had one.

Having located the tights and the hairband, I continued strolling around the mall to look for a pair of white boots. It was pretty difficult--many pairs I came across were not anything that I would continue wearing, so the costs are not justified. When I finally found a pair that would be great for everyday wear, I realized that white boots were too bright and would take attention away from the dress and tights. Hence, I abandoned my bid for white go-go boots.

The last thing I needed to complete the costume was a prop. I wanted a cheap and futuristic looking gun. That was supplied to me by KB Toys. The little gadget lights up and makes noise (a little too much) when I pushed the button. It was simply perfect--now I won't have people asking me who the heck I was dressed up as.

The choice of eyewear was a game-time decision. I tried on each pair of my sunglasses for a guest at the party, and picked the one that both of us thought worked the best.

Without further ado: my Fembot costume. I also threw in a few shots of the fly eyewear for good measure.

[Claire's hairband, Donna Karan sunglasses, vintage lucite bubble necklace designed by me, Old Navy dress, Express tights, Target boots, toy gun from KB Toys]


Muttersome said...

Ha! This is so creative!

Lindybug said...

You looked great! You should also post a picture of yourself rocking out as the lead singer. I'll send you your favorite after you look at my album.

Sales Rack Raider said...


Lindy--I saw your album and love the pics! But I think the world should be spared from my "singing" (more like "screeching"). ;-)

ambika said...

This is a *rad* costume. The gun is a great find.