All the Trimmings

The crazy weather and smoky air has not been very good for me. It is insanely hot during the day, yet cold once the sun goes down. I've come down the sniffles, and it couldn't have come at a worse time--I have lots of work to do and have to hop on a plane again tomorrow afternoon. I've been trying to stay cozy my new sweaters in an effort to keep things from getting worse. It's nice to wear something practical and not appear too frumpy at the office.

Two weekends ago, I spent a little bit of time at the Mike & Chris sample sale. I wasn't there for very long because of an unfortunate incident that morning, but I'm glad that I got to browse for a little bit; if rumors are to be believed, it might have been the last one that I got to go to.

There was a lot more stock than previous sales, but sadly, very little by the way of deals. I went there for the purpose of getting a leather jacket, but I walked out without one--given the current economic landscape, it is simply not prudent to spend $400 on a leather jacket, much less on one that is not exactly what I want. There was a $10 box of pleated blazers, but there were few takers, since it was all extra-smalls, and even that ran pretty small. It fits my torso perfectly, if a bit tight around the arms, but it's perfect for the office or for the weekend, which is when I wore this. The pleats on the front, back, and the edges of the pocket are super-cute and very well-placed.

I also picked up a fairly conventional hoodie. While it was was only 50% or so off and hence not the best deal, it was something I've been eyeing ever since the last sample sale. I love the pretty yet subdued sage green color, along with the "pop" from the neon yellow trim. It is a great casual, kickback piece that will go a long way. Since it is so warm and cozy, I can see myself wearing this a lot for my travels.

Maybe I should throw this into my bag right now so that I'll have something warm to wear for my flight tomorrow. It is supposed to be 49 degrees by the time my plane touches down.


Fabulously Broke said...

I love both of your finds. The first one would make me look too puffy in the middle but the second one is oh-so-comfy like the hoodie I bought last weekend! (see blog)

Muttersome said...

I really like the blazer. What a good deal! Sales Rack Raider, indeed.

Sales Rack Raider said...

FB--we're almost hoodie twins! I'm wearing the comfy one as we speak or, er, type.

Muttersome--Thanks! It's probably going to be a piece I'll wear to work a ton of times.