Costume in Disguise

Halloween is just around the corner. With the economy being the way it is, a wear-once-and-toss costume probably isn't the wisest idea. At the same time, we can all use some fun and levity to forget about the stress for a while.

One simple costume I've worn for a party this past weekend was a pirate costume for a pirate-themed party. It was an outfit I put together literally at the last minute, since I didn't know if I would finish my work in time and be able to go until, well, the last minute. It's all very simple, and you probably have some if not all of the items in your closet--one top with thin stripes (preferrably in dark colors), one pair of wide-legged pants, and a large scarf wrapped around and tied behind my back. You can add a cheap eye patch for an extra-piraty touch, or add a few tats with an eyeliner. You can also throw on a few beaded necklaces as booty. Yar!

If you don't want to fuss over the clothes, go crazy with the makeup while wearing something quite ordinary; it'll be a rather shocking contrast. Liberally and creatively apply your reddest lipstick for a bloody frightening effect. Go goth with lots of black eyeliner and a $1 tube of black lipstick...Halloween is the one time you can live out your Goth fantasies without repercussions.

Current events also offer a lot of inspirations. Turn your vision of Joe Sixpack into a reality. If beer gut isn't your thing, it's easy to pull off a Joe the Plumber look, too--overalls are in no short supply at thrift stores, and most people are bound to have a wrench around the house; just add a "Hello, My Name is Joe" sticker and you're ready to go.

I'll most likely be at a deposition on Halloween, and thanks to the typical LA traffic, it'll be hard to have time to get ready. It'll be a challenge to convert my costume into something business-like during the day and wear it as-is when I head straight to party. I think it's possible...

Do you have any ideas for costumes with common things around the house and closet?


Muttersome said...

Some last minute costume ideas:

--safari. Khaki shorts, a shirt with lots of pockets, beige socks, hiking boots and a pair of binoculars. When I did this for Halloween I also hung a stuffed monkey from my belt.

--Dorothy. Some kind of blue dress over a white blouse, braids, and red shoes.

--a friend of mine went as a gold digger last year. She wore all black with gold accessories, and a little plastic shovel that she spray painted gold.

My preference is halloween costumes that you can get from your own closet, since they are guaranteed to fit and leave much more room for creative thought.

Sales Rack Raider said...

Great ideas! The safari one is probably the easiest to pull off (I love the monkey idea) because the items are fairly common.

The golddigger idea is just awesome.