Happy Turkey Day!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I hope that everyone will enjoy a wonderful time with your loved ones. A few days ago, I came across a newspaper editorial in which the author extols the holiday as her favorite. What she said is true--it is a wonderful holiday because it's not about consumerism, like Christmas has become. It is a time to spend with those we care about and to show them our appreciation.

Given the economic mess we're in, I find this Thanksgiving to be especially special. While life has its ups and downs, the concept and holiday of Thanksgiving is constant. I am especially grateful for having what I have this year, of things big and small. One of the little things I enjoy is being able to shop at Trader Joe's. It is certainly a step up from the budget markets I've been limited to for years, and it provides nutritious, definitely interesting, sometimes quirky, and most importantly, accessible and affordable fare. Since it is on my way home from work, I have been stopping by quite a bit for groceries in order to save time and gas money. I love going by the free sample section and try out the foods. Once I tried a small square of this one--so fresh, not overly sweet, and simply delicious--I had to bring one home.

My Thanksgiving outfit this year is a lot more toned down than usual. Some may say it is not festive at all, since the colors are so dark, but I just want to be comfortable on one of my few days off. The bracelet adds a dash of holiday cheer, and the flats are festive, aren't they? My feet hurt from walking around in heels for a few hours yesterday, so I decided to go with flats.

[BCBG sweater, Mike & Chris suspender skirt, my own Daisy Chain bracelet, Christian Lacroix metallic gold flats]

I'll be busy with working this weekend, but I'll definitely squeeze in some Christmas shopping in the form of sample sale shopping. I'm not going to stand in those crazy lines and freeze my butt off only to get indoors and find that all the good deals are gone. The malls will be avoided by me like the plague, but the electronics stores might have the deals I want this weekend.


ambika said...

What a wonderful outfit! & I love the flats; heels shouldn't be de rigueur.

Sales Rack Raider said...

Thanks, Ambika!