After the Flood

So many ideas, so little time. A flood of things have kept me busy lately, including work, chores I didn't get to do because of work, jetsetting for work in the next few days, catching up on more work, a flood, and things I didn't get to do because of the flood. And yes, when I said "flood," I meant a literal flood. Of water. In my apartment. Fortunately, the aforementioned actual torrent is no longer around, thanks in part to the good folks from the LAFD and one civilian cleaning professional. Although my personal space escaped unscathed, this unexpected event is pushing me to get rid of my junk and clutter, such that both the soiled and unsoiled areas can be thoroughly cleaned. I really should have done this a long time ago.

Regular posting will resume when the tide of things to do recedes. That'll take maybe another week or so. Next time I'll talk about the latest installment of the Mike & Chris sample sale. I only managed to go for a quick peek due to the flood, but at least I got to go.

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