Mike & Chris Sample Sale TODAY!

Actually, the sample sale runs from today to Saturday. I haven't decided if I'm going to try my luck again, but those hoodies are awfully cute and functional; I love my olive-colored Ryan hoodie and have to stop myself from wearing it all the time. I want a long-sleeved one this time if I can get a good price for it.

For my lucky fellow Angelenas, the address: 834 S. Broadway, 2nd floor.

[UPDATE: I ended up going, since I was in the 'hood to procure supplies. There was a sizable stock of items for $10, $15, and $25. Many smalls are gone and I don't know if they'll replenish, but the sizes run small anyway. I ended up buying 3 and wore 1 of them right away since the classroom was frigid, as usual. Pictures are forthcoming.]


Anonymous said...

Have you tried Rachel Pally's sample sale? She had one a couple of weeks earlier than M&C.


Sales Rack Raider said...

Nope. I heard the RP sample sales are great, but I never had time to go.

Anonymous said...

they're great deal but still pricey for me. also, her line is dry clean only, which is a budget killer for someone like me. so that's another turn off. i purposely didn't go to her recent sample sale.