My eyes! My eyes!

Thanks for being so good and patient, folks. After my camera revived, I wasted no time in completing the experiment. S. had a few good guesses, but the shiny purchase wasn't the American Apparel leggings or hot pants. I find gold leggings strangely attractive (though I much prefer the Alice+Olivia gold lurex version), but there is no way I'll go out in hot pants. I will, however, go out in the (drumroll please . . . ) silver cropped jacket purchased from Charlotte Russe.

The cropped bomber-like jacket looks very Michael Jackson, and I'll be the first to admit it. I'm not into the 80's style at all (and Jacko is negative 18.5 on a scale of 1-10), but I saw a lot of potential. I was curious how something like this could be worn by normal, everyday people. At $8.50, the price for good fun isn't all that high. A movie ticket costs about that much, but the experience is fleeting. A jacket like this, however, has a somewhat longer shelf life.

When I first saw the jacket, I envisioned this outfit:

[Charlotte Russe jacket, vintage mod dress, Capezio boots]

Much too go-go dancer in the actual execution, and I doubt I'll go out looking like this, but it's a fun outfit to try. It's got that futuristic cool, and it'll make a good outfit for a costume party.

Let's rewind to my original challenge: how to make this more suitable for everyday wear. There are two ways to do this. One is to let the shine make the outfit, but dress it down. The other is to tone down the jacket with other elements in the outfit such that the shine becomes an accent rather than the focal point.

For the former approach, a simple graphic tee and jeans will do the trick:

[Puma retro logo tee, Charlotte Russe jacket, Jak & Rae jeans, Aerosoles sandals]

I went with a ringer tee, sporty bag, light-washed jeans, and wedge sandals for a casual vibe. A dark pair of jeans and a pair of heels would have made this a good casua dinner ensemble.

For the latter approach, bolder prints are necessary. I love how the stripes draw attention away from the shiny jacket without clashing with it. Here are two versions of the outfit:

[Charlotte Russe jacket, Papaya tube top, Juicy Couture highwaisted flare jeans, Adidas sneakers]

[Charlotte Russe jacket, Papaya tube top, Geren Ford shorts, Aerosole sandals]

I like how a change of pants and shoes creates two very different vibes. I can see myself wearing the first outfit for errands and things and just want to be comfortable. In fact, I did wear it to go out to study. The second outfit can be something for a day on a pier somewhere (though not on the beach).

I thought I'd show a close-up of my new $20 sandals from Ross. Who knew that Aerosoles can make shoes that look this good? They've really stepped up their design game. I've been looking for a pair of brown sandals for the longest time. The wedges are really comfortable and they look sleek, just the way I like 'em.

Finally, this wacky jacket can be worn as gaudy as it was made. You've already seen how it's done with the blue dress--both colors are very bright, but they deserve each other. Sometimes two wrongs do make a right. Here's another crazy as crazy does combo:

[Charlotte Russe jacket, old shirtdress from KMart, Capezio boots]

The shine and the print are equally glaring, but the blank slate of a jacket tones down the print. This doesn't look as good as the first outfit, but it sorta works on some abstract level.

This lab session is over. Further studies may be performed in the future to ascertain the true potential of such a jacket. I believe that the lessons gleaned from this experiment will work not only with shiny clothing in general, but anything with bright colors and bold prints. Given the right combinations, different prints, colors, and finishes can coexist in harmony.


bee said...

i dig the one with the juicy jeans the best. but they're all rad!
i was at macy's the other night and the i.n.c. section had ALL mod-looking stuff. their advertising displays, both on the wall and on the racks, were all mod as well. apparently it's all the rage! long story short (too late): the first 'fit rocks, according to macy's.

Sales Rack Raider said...

Thanks, Bee! That one's my fave too.

Well, if Macy's says I can walk out like outfit #1, then either 1) I'm not crazy, or 2) I'm glad I'm not the only crazy who thinks that way.

Rebecca said...

I love the jacket!

It's so much fun to try on stuff, whether you would actually ever wear it or not. Personally I think you should wear the first outfit, although I like the striped shirt one(s) better.

Those are great shoes, too. I've heard wonderful things about Aerosoles.

Nice work!

Bernie said...

I like the outfits a lot. I think the jacket would look really cute for night, over an lbd.

Sales Rack Raider said...


Bernie--LBD + shiny jacket = great idea.

Eli said...

the one with the shorts, is the winner.

High Fashion Girl said...

OMG. You are totally the cuteness and that jacket goes with everything. Aweesome!

S. said...

I think it's really beautiful. Enjoy!

Charlotte_Girl said...

I work at Charlotte Russe, and you're very creative in comming up with ideas for that cover up. The first outfit is hot, and mod and the eights are making a semi-regretable comback. The mod is ok, the eighties.. not so much. But the one where you were it with a t-shirt and jeans, is a no go. The jeans and the top are too light - it washes out the silver. Darker colors are best to make the silver pop. And the second dress just had too much going on for that jacket. it's a beautiful dress that should be worn solo. But your striped shirt with that jacket is beyond hot! exactly what i imagined when i saw it. :)

Sales Rack Raider said...

Thanks for your input, Charlotte_Girl! The outfits with the stripes are definitely my favs.

The last outfit was purely a theory-into-practice experiment--I just wanted to try loud+loud to see what happens, but obviously it turns out to be a cacophony of silliness. Personally I don't like it and won't ever wear it out, but it was worth a try.

The wash-out of the second outfit was entirely intentional. It's entirely true that darker colors are better for a contrast. However, there are days when I don't want the silver to pop, so I thought purposely muting it would make it better for everyday wear. It looks much better in person, I swear! =)