Two for the Price of 1/3

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I just came back from the Mike & Chris sale and I'm still giddy with excitement! Today is another long day at school, so I squeezed in the trip in the big gap between classes. This trip was much less relaxed, because I was nervous about being out too long and then getting back to class late. [Ed.: I agree with comments over at Closet Therapy's post on the sale. The sizes do run smaller and are a bit inconsistent. I have to go up one size for some styles and two for others. Since the sizes tend to run small, there's a lot of the smaller ones left.]

As an aside, American Idol is doing something at the Orpheum, which was next door to the Anjac Building. I was pacing back and forth looking for an entrance to the Anjac, so I probably pissed off the American Idol people when I was walking around. Sorry folks! I am really not a camera whore.

Anyway, the prices are just a tad higher than last time, but that's predictable since the Fall line looks like it takes more work and materials--the "Cody" sleeveless hoodie tunic was $35, but everything else were $70 and up. A long trench was $140. Some leather things were more. I LOVED the Lucas hoodie, but it's a bit expensive for me. Most of the hoodies looked supercute, but some of the ruched ones weren't to my liking and others looked a bit plain for the price.

However, I did not walk away empty-handed. Unlike the Spring sale, there was a $35 clearance bin. Apparently there was a bunch of $10 sample stuff the minute the sale opened, but they were all gone by the time I got there. I bought 2 items that I wanted to buy last time but couldn't afford--one was a short-sleeved "Tyler" trench, and the "Ryan" hoodie...I can't describe it well except it's more casual and in olive green and have puffy sleeves, but you can see for yourself.

The green one had no buttons on it, but I figured I can sew them on myself. I thought that I would have to shell out $70 total or maybe give up one of them, but when I asked the salesperson about where the buttons were supposed to go, she explained and then said, "well, this one is even cheaper because it has no buttons. It's $10." I was so stoked! I kept a poker face because I didn't want her to change her mind. What's even better is that she gave me the buttons to take home. I ended up spending a total of $45, and it's definitely worth it...my sister spent $50 at PacSun for 2 zip-up hoodies, and they're pretty run-of-the-mill. I appreciate the innovative designs of Mike and Chris hoodies a lot more than anything that can be found at the mall, and I'll be wearing these hoodies again and again. In fact, while I'm waiting for class to start in a freezing room, I'm already wearing the trench right now. My arms are bared, but I still feel quite warm.


Fashion Kitty said...

Cute outfits!

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Anonymous said...

love reading all your sensible shopping jaunts! we both have the same mindset when it comes to shopping. but you definitely have more styles than me...haha! i just love how you spiced up those hoodies! cute, cute, cute outfits! *Mars*