Good Works (Part 5): Cleansing Essentials

OK, part 4 was the fake ending. This is the real one. Stacie, thank you so much for bringing up the shampoos and soaps...I can't believe I was writing about the drive and didn't go into it. In the aforementioned drive for battered women's shelters, some of the donations requested were soap, shampoos, conditioner, toothpaste, lotions, and clothing for the children the women bring along with them. Here's what Stacie said about toiletries she collected:

Oh, here's another thing. I had a yard sale a couple years ago and was getting rid of a small box of hotel soaps and shampoos I had collected. Someone told me that the local battered women's shelter would take stuff like that. I always send away for a lot of free samples that I never end up using which they would probably accept as well. Also, I had a whole box of new boxes of toothpaste, soap, and shampoo which I had been getting for free at the grocery store with doubled coupons. My mom gave a whole bunch of that away to Hurricane Katrina victims when there was a call to donate. I usually give a bunch of it away every year during the Postal Service Food drive.

That's why my readers rock =)

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