Trial by Fire

Oh my goodness, time sho' flies! It's almost Thanksgiving! Tell that to the weather gods controlling the Southern California jurisdiction...the last couple weeks felt like summer!

As I've mentioned earlier, I need to catch up with my reading and prepare for trial. All of a sudden, my trial is 2 weeks away [scratch that...make that less than 2 weeks away], and my co-counsel and I are still sorting through tons of evidentiary problems! After that, I'll have to scramble for final exams.

That said, this is the last time for nearly-daily posts until the madness is over. I've got 3 posts lined up for the next 2 weeks. I'll wrap up my "good works" series and talk about my last major DIY project. For starters, feast your eyes on this:

I got these when I took my friend on her first thrifting trip. She must have been my lucky charm. I love the color of the vintage pumps and the little studs. Here's the result when both items were worn today:

[Forever 21 tunic, Charlotte Russe lace cami, antique-looking necklace, Geren Ford shorts, thrifted bag, black tights, vintage heels]

The subject of the major DIY project was the red bag--I had to replace the lining because it had holes and was badly stained. Stay tuned for my misadventures when I did it without a sewing machine!


Candid Cool said...

I love that red bag. Great find! I like your style and your blog. Keep up the good work! will continue to tune in

Sales Rack Raider said...

Thank you so much!