LA Sample Sales

Quite a bit of sample sales going on this week, and I have neither the money nor the time to go to them. Sad...

1) For those of you who were dying to get their hands on a Mike and Chris hoodie without paying the $150 and up retail, here's your chance. Their sample sale is this Thursday through Saturday, 10am - 6pm at 834 S. Broadway (at Ninth St.) Ste. 505, their Downtown LA showroom. Prices are up to 70% off, and to gauge how much that translates to in dollars, you can read about my visit to their last sale here. I have to warn you though, if you are a small or an extra-small, you're probably not getting anything in your size (at least for the popular styles) unless you're there Thursday morning. That said, the sizes run small, so you can get away with buying a medium and it might still be fine. I haven't decided if I'll check it out just for the heck of it Thursday afternoon.

2) On Friday 11/17, from 4-8pm, there will be a multidesigner sale featuring Porridge (I love their print thermals, though I don't own any), Chic-Le vintage frocks, and Trez jewelry at wholesale and below. The sale will also take donations of toys and books for Proyecto Pastoral.

3) Almost forgot about the Original Trends sale this Saturday. I mentioned it 2 weeks ago, and I'll definitely be there. I'll post a follow-up sometime afterwards.

[Info courtesy of Daily Candy and Bargains LA]

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