Getting the Scoop

The word "scoop" can be good or bad depending on your vocation (wow...I just found out High Fashion Girl used the same word in the title of her latest post...what a coincidence!). If you're a journalist, getting a scoop is great for your career. If you're a scientist, getting scooped is your worst nightmare. If you're a consumer, Scoop NYC can be a saving grace.

Even though the prices are slightly beyond my range, I still rank the Scoop NYC sale section as one of my favorites. They make insanely expensive designer pieces (like Stella McCartney) actually affordable. Here are my current favorites:

Habitual New Wave skinny jeans

I have yet to find a pair of skinny jeans that looks flattering on me, but this seems promising. At $39, it's a good price for expensive denim. Available in size 27 only.

AG Fusion Stretch Jean

They look pretty comfy. Also $39. So who's the lucky size 30 diva?

Anglo Leathercraft Lace Sack Bag

Hobo usually isn't my thing, but this casual bag would be great for hands-free expeditions like shopping. At $18 as opposed to $365, it's definitely affordable. I would have gotten one if I don't already have so many bags, but this is oh so tempting...

Petit Bateau crewneck tee

As the Fall approaches, it's nice to stock up on some long-sleeved basics for layering. While the cheap stuff from the mall will do, why not spring for the nicer ones when they're about the same price? This is $9 instead of $40, available in different sizes.

What I want but can't have:

7 for All Mankind/Great China Wall A Pocket Crystal Jean--originally $425, now at a more feasible $89. I'm usually weary of anything with flashy decorative details, but the Swarovski crystal designs on the front pockets are very tasteful. Plus, I like the wash. But come on, $89 is an arm in my book. If you're a size 29, have the cash, and have been craving for this, today is your lucky day.

Leather Beth clutch by Fernanda Niven--also $89 and costs a ton for a clutch, but I like the design. It's like something off the wall at MoMA transformed into an accessory.

Vera Wrong tulle dress--definitely don't have $229 for this, and even if I did, I have no occasion to don this for. There's a $149 model with sequins, but I think this simpler dress is actually more stunning.

Caveat: I don't know what the shipping fee is, since it depends on what you buy and is calculated at checkout. Still, the savings are phenomenal.


Marcy said...

I don't get the "skinny jeans" trend. I keep reading about how they can be flattering on every body type, yet I just don't think there's any way they can look good on anyone with hips.

Sales Rack Raider said...

Unfortunately, they're part of the dreaded 80's revival, along with leggings and oversized shirts (I'm not a fan of wearing more than one of those items at a time). Let's hope this movement fizzles out soon. The current version is much better than those icky tapered "mom's jeans" I had to wear back then, that's for sure, but I have an hourglass shape so they don't work for me. I like the idea of the skinny legs to wear under dresses and long tops, but I'm definitely not crazy about showing the top of the jeans.

Marcy said...

So someone told me that, if you're having trouble uploading pictures onto blogger, if you switch browsers then it'll work. I normally use windows, so I downloaded mozilla firefox. The last time blogger game me problems with the photo upload tool I then opened up a firefox window and tried to upload through them and it worked.

I also downloaded Picasa, which is a photo organizing software from google, and they have a feature where you can select up to 4 pictures from your computer and it'll upload them onto blogger for you, and that also seems to work decently well when the website isn't doing it for me.

Yay for learning new things! Hopefully these tips will work when blogger decides to act up again.

Frapp said...

Skinny jeans look awful on me. They make my arse look like an inflated balloon ready to explode and take half the country with it. Leave it to the Mosses and the Siennas of this Earth.