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I spent Saturday and Sunday shopping for summer work tops and came up with mostly nothing. On Saturday, I shopped with a very good friend of mine, so it was really fun. We spent time catching up, then we proceeded to go through different stores. Since she's a successful professional, she knows exactly what works for a business-casual setting (I dubbed her the arbiter of business wear) and kept me focused on buying what I actually need (yes, I heard a lot of no's whenever I pick up something cute but decidedly non-work). The department stores didn't do it for me, and the tops at Ross were either too matrony or too teenybopper. I did, however, spotted some lovely pumps; unfortunately, as I mentioned a few days ago, they didn't have it in my size. At my last stop--Fashion Q--I finally found a lovely top for work for $7. It's cute but still professional. I might get rid of the ties on the sleeve, since the resulting bows tend to be bulky.

Since I only found one item, I decided to go out on Sunday with my sister. By then, I had no taste for shopping. JC Penney is a place that I've found great stuff at before at super low prices (like a beautiful perfect-fit dress I bought for my college graduation), but the clearance racks were so picked over that I was in no mood to sort through things. Came up empty at Burlington Coat Factory (which I don't think is all that great). Same with Ross...I just couldn't find tops. What I did find, however, is a pair of those pumps that eluded me at the other Ross. And it's the only pair in my size! There were some small streaks on the side of the heels, so I asked for a discount (got 10% off). Not bad for $15.58.

I love happy endings =)

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bee said...

I totally agree with you on Burlington Coat Factory -- the handful of times I've been there it's been dumpy. I refuse to even go now!