Ma opinion de la collection Paul & Joe (pour Target)

J'aimais quelques choses de la collection Luella Bartley, et je détestais la collection Tara Jarmon. Après j'ai vu la collection Paul & Joe á Target dimanche, j'ai pensai, "La collection est...pas mal."


The Paul & Joe collection looks very chic, quite wearable in the normal, everyday sense (unlike some Luella pieces), yet certain items can be terribly flimsy (like the conceptually cute Tara Jarmon bow cami)--typical of what's right and wrong with the Go collection. Only part of the collection was there, but I liked what I saw for the most part.

The highlights:

I wanted to buy this pintuck top the moment I saw it, because this is exactly what I need for my wardrobe--something classic, cute, and goes with everything. It's got puffed sleeves!

Positively D-licious. These are great for Fall--nice and warm and will look fabulous with pumps or boots.

There was also a cotton sweater with a Fair Isle-ish print, but I can't find a picture of it. Same goes for a green and dark gray sweater--looked a little flimsy, but I still liked it.

The lowlights:

I could do without the lace on the sleeves. The whole thing was not very appealing to me.

Looks pretty in picture, but not as good in person. I could also gather its flimsiness even before I touched it. Not impressed at all.

Apparently this was a hot seller--only XL's were left on the racks. The construction seems pretty good, but it's not a piece that works very well in real life. The massive swath of material is impractical for manual labor. How do you get a lot of wear out of something like this?

$34.99 is a lot for a not-so-special pair of corduroy pants. And how many people are going to wear green pants?

Despite the fact that the number of lowlights exceeded the highlights, I really did like a lot of what I saw. I just can't remember or find pictures of everything I liked. While my impression of Paul & Joe is generally positive, the shoddiness of the pretty pieces is enough to temper my enthusiasm, hence my verdict of "not bad."

There was some Tara Jarmon merchandise left at 75% while I was there, mostly cute jeans and the flimsy bow camis. It's such a shame that there are all these tiny little fiber ends sticking out from everywhere--the cami could have been a good buy.

(I wish I could say "no languages were harmed in this post," but I know I can't. Forgive me.)


Marcy said...

Hubby and I have recently started taking French classes, and I am proud to say I understood most of what you said in that first paragraph! lol

I haven't paid much attention to the designer-of-the-month section of Target clothes. I just reemmber seeing the Luella stuff and thinking "how 80's can you get?" which isn't always a bad thing, but none of it really appealed to me much....

Sales Rack Raider said...

Everytime Target introduces the new line, I get excited, but when I see the goods in person, I get disappointed. I'm afraid they'll do the same with the Behnaz Sarafpour collection (which is up next). I hope I'm wrong about that.

French lessons--cool! I wish I retained what I learned, but alas, the new knowledge I crammed into my brain forced out the old.

bee said...

I dig most of the stuff you posted, but green pants?!
I mean, GREEN pants?!
No no no. Who wants to look like a pickle?!

Anonymous said...

I actually bought the green pants. They're cute. There's something to be said for brights on the bottom, esp. if you wear a subdued top.

Sales Rack Raider said...

Hey Bee, the green pants are actually under "lowlights." =)

Anonymous, glad you like your cords. I didn't like them because the green is a bit bold for me, and $30 is a lot for a pair of cords (considering I didn't like the feel of the material). I have 2 pairs of green pants (in lighter hues) that I have a bit of trouble making outfits with, even though they are vey cute pants. They work OK with tops in subtle colors, as you've mentioned. As long as you like them and can make them work, who cares about what I or anyone else says? You go, girl!