Suddenly, CA state legislators (or their minions) are your friends...

...in the sense that they can save you money at Tahoe resorts. I got a call from a friend who works for an assemblywoman in Sacramento, and in the midst of our conversation, he mentioned that there's a deal for the big wigs and their employees. If I was able to go skiing in March, he could have gotten tickets to the Northstar resort for me at $15 a day for a 3-day pass! That's a pretty huge chunk off the $63/day price tag! Of course, you have to buy the tickets a week or so in advance. I'm murky on the full details, but what little I heard sounds pretty good to me.

I doubt that very many of us have friends in high places, but if you renounce your statement that all politicians are evil (or be willing to make a deal with the devil), you might be able to save a huge wad of cash.

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