ClassicCloseouts 50% Off Sale

For those of you who want work clothes or outerwear to transition into Spring, you might want to take advantage of ClassicCloseout's 50% off sale. The sale ends soon (it "ended" on Monday but was extended). There are some stellar deals.

I love trench coats, and I really like this yellow one. It was $18.99, so with the coupon it comes out to $9.50. Not bad for outerwear! I'm really tempted to get this one, but I should restrain myself (even though this is really cheap for outerwear). For the non-label-whores, there are some good-looking aviator jackets and long coats for $12.50 from ClassicCloseout's own label. There are also some nice BR twinsets at $12.50. I'm not into them (I prefer crisp dress shirts), but I know a lot of people are.

Not to be outdone, the guys section has good sales items too. Lots of polos, sweaters, and dress shirts from Old Navy, DKNY, Dockers, Ralph Lauren, Nike, Tommy Hilfiger, and BR, most of which are under $20. Now you've got no excuses for not looking sharp.

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