REI: Great Clearance Gear, Great Discounted Lift Tickets

When I went skiing this weekend, I had no plans to do any shopping. However, that all changed when we made a pit stop at REI in Sacramento. We went there primarily to get discounted lift tickets for one Tahoe resort (another friend had gotten tickets for another Tahoe resort earlier). The discounted prices are available only to those with REI memberships (which costs money), but the $7-14 off for each resort (depending on where you're going) is well worth it.

On the shopping side of things, REI was having a winter clearance sale, with an additional 50% off their clearance merchandise ending in $.83. Even non-clearance items were 25-50% off. You know how women are so happy to find the last pair of discounted shoes in their size? Well, I got really excited over a pair of climbing shoes, as if they were Manolos. Normally the shoes run around $90 and up, and even when they're on clearance, they rarely get marked down to $50 and below (my first pair was around $50). I got mine for $30! It costs about that much to get shoes resoled, so why not just buy a whole new pair instead? It didn't bother me that they were a discontinued line, since 2 of my friends have that pair of shoes, I have a pair of the same brand, and all 3 of us are happy with our shoes.

If you're a skier or snowboarder, you might be able to find good boots at a great price. Prices are likely to go down even more in the next month or two, just in time for a Spring Break trip (for you college kids out there).

Footnote: I think the sale I went to was a President's Day sale, but I'm sure things will still be on clearance after that. Maybe the prices won't be as jawdroppingly low, but they still ain't bad.

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