Rx samples = $100+ savings

My medical woes are starting to stack up. First I had to argue with insurance company and medical group reps, then my bills start to come in, and today I learned I'll have to pay full price ($107) for a 30-day supply of a brand name drug because there are no generics for it. Since my insurance has a $750 brand name deductible, I'll have to suck it up. Looks like I'll be paying around $250 for this bout of illness, so I really hope this round of drugs will make me feel all better. Could have been a lot worse without insurance, but still, I really can't afford to spend any more money. This means I'll have to find a summer job that pays instead of working for the common good (which pays me in lots of satisfaction but no cash). Additionally, shopping is off-limits in the months ahead =(.

What I should have done was ask my doctor for samples of this new prescription. She gave me a month's worth of samples last time (thus saving me $100+ at no cost to herself), so I figured she didn't offer this time because she didn't have any. But who knows? Doctors are busy and don't always remember these things.

Hopefully someone can learn from my costly mistake.


LeighAnn said...

My doctor just gave me samples too. Much cheaper than paying. Make sure you ask her each time. That would have saved you a lot!

Sales Rack Raider said...

I'll do that next and every time in the future. I've always taken things like prescription meds for granted because my old insurance covered almost everything, but if this huge price tag doesn't remind me, nothing else will.