A Footnote for Part I

I just realized that I forgot to mention coupons. Coupons obviously save you money, especially when certain markets give them double value. However, they don't really figure into my personal shopping equation. I try to minimize my processed product purchases, and most coupons are for, well, processed products, and in rather large quantities, too. They might be useful in cases where you're shopping with or for someone else and you can split the 12- or more- pack.

Milk is one of those things where you save when you buy 2 gallons instead of one, so try to see if a friend or signifcant other needs a gallon in his/her fridge.

If I want to indulge in fast food once in a while, I find that fast food coupons are actually pretty good. What to do with that extra burger in the "buy a value meal, get another burger" deals? I just put it in the fridge and nuke it in the microwave for the next meal. While it's not as good as hot off the grill, the taste, texture, etc. is essentially the same. Every dollar saved counts in my book. However, don't read this as an encouragement to turn indulgence into a routine =)

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