Mani's Bakery Survey (and $5 gift card)

When I have to stay up late but still want to catch a few hours of sleep, I use a good chai latte as my midnight oil instead of coffee. However, very few places make it exactly the way I want it. Thus, after I get off the freeway from work, I'm willing to drive out to Mani's Bakery to get my large chai latte, and occasionally, a delicious organic baked treat. While I can't afford the cakes and tarts on a regular basis, the inexpensive day-old muffins serves as a healthy breakfast.

Sadly, I've noticed some changes recently. The operating hours have shrunken, and the price has gone up a little. According to their blog, the drop in sales compounded with rising operating costs may result in the end of the business. That would be quite sad. To look for ways to improve the business, Mani's is offering a $5 gift card to those who complete a customer satisfaction survey. Depending on your initial responses, it can be a fairly lengthy survey, but I think it is well-constructed to seek out honest opinions. I had planned to go there tomorrow before my LACMA trip anyway, so the gift card comes in handy.

If you've been to the cafe before, want to support it, and plan to go back sometime this month (before the gift card expires), you can take the survey here.

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enna. said...

I love local coffee shops, and it's so sad to hear when they're struggling. Hope Mani's makes it!