Great Scot!

Plaid is quite popular nowadays, and its use in modern fashion has arguably drifted far away from the original significance (or bastardized, if you will). Nonetheless, I find it rather fascinating that something so historic retains it classic nature while lending itself to be reinvented in so many ways. During my New Year's Day shopping trip with a visiting friend (gosh, that was fun and a long time coming), I happened upon very interesting incarnations.

One of my Christmas gifts was an Express gift card. I don't shop there much anymore because the quality of the clothing has seriously declined, but once in a while, a standout emerges. The gift givers had included a $25 off $50 coupon, which was set to expire on 1/2, so I decided to try and make the most out of my gift card during the after-Christmas sales, before it was too late.

Since I'm still trying to diversify my outerwear collection, it wasn't difficult to choose how to use my gift cards. I picked up a tweed jacket, which works with slacks or a skirt for work and looks even better with jeans, and this plaid cropped peacoat. It seems to be edgy yet office-appropriate when paired with a demure pencil skirt and blouse, and it is definitely hot for the weekend. I wore this for a friend's birthday outing at L.A. Live last Friday.

[Express peacoat, Gap scarf, Goldsign jeans, Target bag (this is one $6 clearance gem that never gets old), thrifted pumps]

Before heading out to party that night, I wore a very tame outfit for work. The skirt was also purchased during my New Year's Day shopping trip. I definitely recognize that I have been spending a lot of money lately, but with the sales on higher-end goods being unbelievably good this season, I thought it would be a good move to take advantage of them. I doubt that the classic, high-quality cold-weather pieces I've been looking for will be so heavily discounted again.

My friend and I went to Saks Fifth Avenue, which my friend has not stepped foot in for quite some time. I already got a great deal once, so I decided to try my luck again. The last time I was there, I tried on and just fell in love with a simple white silk top that has a gorgeous cascade of ruffles at the armholes, but hoped it would be marked down even further later. Unfortunately, it is no longer there, but I did find something else equally intriguing and from the same collection. This Abaete "Tristana" skirt has beautiful pleats, a very classic yet dramatic contrast of black and white, and hidden pockets. My favorite feature is the off-centered cross design, which resembles a blow-up of the thick lines that make up plaid. Instead of paying $300 or even the discounted 3-digit price that I've seen for online stores, I snagged it for $50 including tax (60% off the marked-down price). Even though the day was quite cold and I didn't wear any tights, the skirt kept me from freezing. I absolutely love it, but if anyone plans on buying it for themselves, I recommend sizing it up--the waist is very tiny.

[Rebecca Beeson top, necklace designed by me, Forever 21 fleece bomber ($5!), Abaete skirt, Calvin Klein bow slingbacks]


ae. said...

Oooh, I love the jacket/scarf combo in the first pic.

Lindybug said...

I've been enjoying looking at your new finds! I've seen only a few in person so hopefully I'll get to see the other pieces on you soon! Thank you also for activating the option for clicking on the pictures to make them bigger. It's a feature I've been hoping for for a while now!

Muttersome said...

I like both of these finds, the skirt especially. It is an absolute gem: you can wear it despite the season, despite the trends, and despite the weather. Fab!