Larger than Life

This morning, I woke up remarkably early for a Saturday. I've been waking up fairly early lately for work assignments, so I suppose I got used to it. My day started off with a very big breakfast with a group of friends at the Griddle Cafe in West Hollywood. I didn't bring my camera, so I couldn't fully capture the enormity of my breakfast (the dinner plate-sized pancakes were even bigger), but to give you an idea, here is the size of my leftovers. I was full after consuming just one of my Apple Cobbler French toasts with some of the apples served on the side, and I was only able to accomplish that with help from some friends. As I'm typing this, I am stuffed.

I had no idea that the food portions were going to be that big, but I carried some mighty big accessories that were quite befitting of the occasion. I have been wearing a lot of rings. One day I'd be wearing something very dainty, and the next day I would be wearing a big honkin' ring. I found a couple of cheap rings from the Loehmann's clearance bin, including the big greenish-gray cut glass cocktail ring below. It was remarkably inexpensive for something in remarkably good shape.

I also brought along a big, easy-to-carry hobo, which I dug out of the DSW clearance bin a few days ago. Although I have a variety of purses, I did not have one in a simple neutral color ever since my old one went out of commission. Usually I don't like carrying big bags around, since I just don't like having to deal with the bulk, but sometimes I do need something roomy and capable of being thrown-on-and-go for day-to-day errands or a night on the town. The hobo bag, however, has not been very appealing to me. Although I like the casual and easy-to-carry aspects, the bags I have come across were either too slouchy, too big, too small, too casual (and thus not all-purpose), or too expensive. I never did find the perfect one until now. It is both luxurious and casual at the same time--very chic, with the right amount of slouch, a simple design, and a few choice metallic accents that do not add extra weight.

I became disappointed with my last everyday bag because the lining tore within just a couple of months of use, so this time, I looked for something with a sturdy lining, either in cotton or leather; the thin acetate linings just won't do. For something made of soft, supple leather and a well-made suede lining, the bag is incredibly affordable (around $60) and better in quality than bags in the 3-digit dollar range, which all seem to have the type of lining I have been trying to avoid. The fact that it is not a hip and trendy label probably helps keep the price down. Usually I associate the Liz Claiborne brand with dowdy "missy sportswear," but the accessories have been rather modern and wearable. My black Liz Claiborne work bag may have its limitations (the pretty but color-leaching red lining being one of them), but it has been a faithful workhorse for the many years after I discovered it at Ross. I hope that the new bag will also last as many years, and then some.

[Converse One Star for Target jacket, Marc by Marc Jacobs t-shirt ($15 from Macy's, but at no out-of-pocket costs because I purchased it with a gift card), Liz Claiborne bag, ABS ring, J Brand jeans, Nike sneakers]


michelle said...

LOVE the details of the straps! I too have been surprised at how nice some of the Liz Claiborne bags are lately.

ambika said...

It's funny, I am totally with you on the hobo. They are often so slouchy & shapeless that finding things in them is a hassle. But! I just recently bought one in leather with fabric lining (*not* acetate) that actually holds it's shape well -- I think it's the thickness of the leather as well as the construction.

Frugalchick said...

That bag is beautiful! Perfect size, shape, and color--awesome score.