Attention to Details

I know that it must be infuriating sometimes for you to squint to see the details in some pictures. I know I have been, but I didn't know how to fix the problem until now.

For months, I couldn't figure out why clicking on the pictures on the posts do not result in a pop-up of the full-size image the way it used to. I finally have some time to research the issue. Apparently rearranging pictures by the drag-and-drop method results in this problem. This problem can be worked around by cutting and pasting the HTML code; moving the code around physically is easy enough to do, but it takes a little longer to execute. I tried this out for pictures in the last 2 posts, and it works.

I'll probably continue using the drag and drop function in the interest of saving time, especially when the details are pretty clear-cut from the smaller-sized picture. However, for details that I think will be better appreciated in a blow-up, I'll make sure to undertake that extra editing effort.


ThatBeeGirl said...

when you write an entry, do you use the HTML editor or the WYSIWYG editor? it can be a bit tougher at first, but the HTML editor is far superior in my opinion.

Sales Rack Raider said...

I've been using the hybrid approach. I use the WYSIWIG editor for the graphics, but I don't like how it adds extraneous code and doesn't do everything I want it to do, so I usually would use the HTML editor to clean up the code. The HTML editor is definitely superior, but unfortunately, my HTML and CSS knowledge has deteriorated from the days when I wrote code for webpages from scratch. Also, it takes longer to post.

The Clothes Horse said...

Blogspot + html is a pain.

Sales Rack Raider said...