Broken Soles

I love vintage heels. They just don't make 'em like they used to anymore. I love the colors and details that set them apart. Also, the narrower lengths seem to fit me better.

Sadly, vintage heels can only withstand the test of time for so long. I got this dark blue-green pair from the Goodwill quite some time ago. The color is gorgeous, the cut-outs are just right. And the heel has been pretty sturdy--I replaced the heel caps before the very first wear, and they have held up very well ever since.

This week marks the demise of three pairs of pumps. For someone who has what most people would characterize a desk job, I do an insane amount of walking. I had two black pairs of pumps that I wore very regularly for work. The heel caps on these newer shoes did not last as long as my vintage heels; I have already replaced them several times, and at this rate, the entire shoe is so worn out that it is not worth repairing anymore. The third pair to expire is the pair pictured above. As I said, the heel caps were not the problem. Instead, the soles were.

I contemplated replacing the soles and keep on wearing them, but the upper is fraying, and a few bars on the cutouts are barely clinging on for dear life. It was time to let them go.

Quite fittingly, the last trip the shoes took me on was a trek to DSW, in which I tried to find a worthy replacement. I did not find the black pumps I was searching for, or even blue ones, but I found something that was too good to pass up--something simple and neutral, classic but not plain. I've been eyeing a vibrant blue version of it for months, waiting until the markdowns came. In the end, it just seemed to be a better idea to go with the less flashy color. The soles were comfortable, not rock hard like man-made soles can be. That would making sprinting between courtrooms (which I do quite often) a tad easier.

Lately, I've developed an unhealthy attraction to Italian Leather. All-leather shoes are so comfortable, but as much as my feet need the comfort, they can be quite pricey, even when I can get a good discount on it. At least this time my pocketbook is as happy as my feet--at 80% off, plus my $10 off coupon, I ended up getting a pair of $300 shoes for $50 after tax. So far, I have a pretty good track record with shoes in that price range--despite getting lots and lots of action, my Calvin Klein black pumps have shown nary a sign of wear. Hopefully this pair will last a long, long time as well.

[UPDATE: I wore them today, and I swear...they feel soft like butter. And they look great with jeans.

(Max Studio sweater, Forever 21 gray camisole and black light coat, my own Daisy Chain bracelet, 7 for All Mankind Ginger jeans, Giuseppe Zanotti slingbacks)

That is all.]

At any rate, I need to stop buying shoes. I've put the lid on clothes, but my fondness for footwear is rather difficult to suppress.


ThatBeeGirl said...

those vintage heels are gorgeous! it's nice they lasted as long as they did.
DSW has been slim pickings for me lately, but i'm glad you were able to scoop up some deals!

ambika said...

I know it's no help (and kind of enabling) to say those shoes were a steal but they totally were! And they're gorgeous.

yulanda said...

The shoes are gorgeous! I need to stop looking at shoes as well.

Sales Rack Raider said...

Thatbeegirl--DSW is hit and miss depending on location. Some of them don't have very good selections, while others have some really nice things at great prices. The one I frequent is in a pretty trendy part of town.

Ambika--Thanks! At least a shoe addiction doesn't kill ;-)

Sales Rack Raider said...

Yulanda--you always find such great shoes, and I can tell you get your money's worth because you wear them all the time.