The Late Bird Gets the Shoes

The early bird gets the worm, but the latecomer can get something even better. While the early bird has a greater chance of getting what she wants, the one who waits can get great discounts...if that special something is hasn't sold out.

I've been eyeing a couple of pairs of shoes for quite some time, just waiting for them to go on sale at the end of summer. Unlike a lot of my fellow Californians, I'm really not much of a flipflops person. Since I don't have very many pairs of flat summer sandals, that was something I looked out for. A pair of Pour La Victoire "Nannette" sandals caught my eye. I first saw the hot pink version of it in a magazine; the shoes sure look hot, but the price tag ($150 for a pair of sandals) didn't. It is good that I'm not much of an impulse shopper, because I changed my mind about the hot pink. It's fun and it's different from what I have, but in the end, I figured that a more practical color would be better.

One day I decided to search for the sandals on Amazon, since I've heard many people get good deals on shoes. Sure enough, the sandals I was looking for came up at 70% off. However, since I've been buying quite a few pairs of shoes lately, I didn't want to spend another $45 on shoes just yet. Holding off turned out to be a wise idea--after another week or so went by, the sandals were now 80% off ($32). Since Amazon had free shipping for orders over $25, it was an even better deal. I just got them today, and I love them. The weather has suddenly cooled down after weeks of 90-degree temperatures, but I won't be surprised if I'll be putting these on again soon.

Another pair of shoes I purchased is something that is worth every penny. I have a penchance for pieces that are classy but just a little edgy. Since I've had to dispose of 2 pairs of very worn-out pumps (not very professional when threads are exposed), I wanted another pair of heels that can be worn for work or play in the summer. When I saw the black version of these Loeffler Randall slingbacks, I loved them. Unfortunately, I didn't love the price quite so much. Around the time I found the sandals above, I found the white version of the shoes in my size at, curiously enough, Neiman Marcus's Last Call Clearance section online. They are some $300 cheaper than retail, and at least $50 less than the sale prices I've seen. Since shipping isn't cheap, I decided to bookmark it and come back later. Sure enough, a "free shipping at any price" promotion came along a week later, and I kenw it was time to bite. Good thing I did, too--it was the last pair.

Like Hebden, I also have a thing for studs. I don't care so much for the studded collars and punked-out belts, but I love it when studs are more subtle and makes something classic a little more rock and roll. This achieves the perfect effect.

During the hot days, I've been wearing the shoes as intended. However, the reason I wanted the white instead of the black version is this: I knew they would look great in colder weather when paired with black tights. They really do stand out.



[Above: my own Poppyseed necklace, Target black top with side tie, Forever 21 cardigan, Alice + Olivia pants with white piping, Loeffler Randall slingbacks. // Below: Love Ya-Ya tunic/minidress, scarf sewn by me, Da Nang cargo jacket, black tights, Loeffler Randall slingbacks]

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hebden said...

Both pairs are gorgeous...congrats!