Dime vs. Time

I decided to drive by Philippe's after work today. It was a media frenzy, with lots of news vans parked out front. I knew the line was going to be long, but holy smokes! The line went from the front of the door to around the back through the parking lot, where the line proceeds to spill out onto the sidewalk of the side street. It then goes all the way down the block, and then rounds the corner and goes almost entirely down the very long block.

If I didn't have to go home and do more work, and if time wasn't an issue, it would have been fun to wait around. But all that waiting wouldn't have been worth it in the end.

Tired and hungry, I ended up getting a Whopper. To my chagrin, the price has gone up a lot higher than I thought.

Yes, I am one grumpy foodie tonight.

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