Crazy Outfit Idea Number...forget it, I lost count

It's been an exciting but also exhausting week. There's the launch of my new business, and of course the usual things: school, editorial work for school, housework, etc. The only shopping I've been doing nowadays is for craft supplies (more on that another day), and I bought a hairclip from an Etsy seller (more on that on another day as well). I'd say that I'm making pretty good progress as a recovering shopaholic. =)

I've been continuing to dig deep in my closet in search of things I haven't been wearing. I came across a C. Ronson dancing skirt that I bought from Le Train Bleu a while ago. I haven't worn it much as a skirt because I've only worn it a few times for actual dancing. And why would I do that? Because the slit is a bit high for everyday wear. I've worn it as a top a few times, but the wide elastic waistband can make it a little awkward sometimes, not to mention that volumnious skirt worn as a top = dangerously close to maternity wear.

Sleep deprivation has either made me go crazy or just insanely creative (I'd like to think it's the latter). After staying up all night to meet an editorial deadline, I felt like dressing better so that I can feel better for the rest of the day. I spotted the skirt and decided it's time to wear it as a top again. Then I saw an orange tee and thought the colors go together. Then perhaps inspired by a laurel wreath-like necklace I just made for sale, I decided to wear it like a toga by pulling up the hem and pinning it at the collar near my shoulder with a lapel pin I made:

Here's a gratuitous artsy shot of it:

Since the outfit is so crazy, I decided that covering it up a little would make it look better.

Later on, I tried out what would happen if I pulled the hem up to the other shoulder. Hmm...not bad!

I ended up not going out after all yesterday, thus saving the people of my neighborhood from such a blinding sight. Today I decided to revisit the idea in the attempt of coming up with something that won't have to be covered up to look good. It helps that I've finally gotten the chance to do my laundry and have more to work with:

I'm gonna head out soon looking like this. Maybe I'll change into jeans...


enna said...

I love what the brain does after an all nighter. The last one I pulled, I definitely styled my hair and dressed up in the morning.

Love the one-shouldered toga look, though.

Pretty Eastern said...

Congrats on your store, hope you get to have fun with it and make some money too.

Sales Rack Raider said...

Thanks, ladies!

S. said...

Purple and orange are good together!

Rebecca said...

Speaking of asymmetry ... :)

I didn't think the purple and orange was bad, but that last look is great! Looks normal. Changing the pants out for jeans is a good idea too.

Very creative!

High Fashion Girl said...

I love that! It has the drape of a sari, but is still very wearable. Great job! (this is not to say saris aren't wearable, but when I went to India and was dressed in one that I had purchased it took nearly 20 minutes to put it on!)

Sales Rack Raider said...

Thanks everyone! Glad you liked it.