Waaay Off the Beaten Path

Over the weekend I had to go to LAX to pick up my brother. Seemed like a routine trip, but leaving the airport was anything but ordinary. For whatever reason, all of the on-ramps to the 105 freeway were closed! I followed detour signs like a wild goose chase, and in the end, it brought me to unfamiliar territory. I didn't know how far I had to drive until I can get back on track, so at my brother's advice, I took Artesia Blvd. I knew that in the end I would hit the 91 Freeway and it would be smooth sailing from there.

I was still fuming about the crazy detours when I realized that maybe the detour was a good thing. Near the very end of Artesia Blvd., there is a wonderful store in Gardena called Marukai. There are quite a few Marukai chain supermarkets in Southern California, but the one I went to wasn't a full-service supermarket, and it wasn't a membership store either--it's a retail store chock full of wonderful Japanese goodies. Everything was 98 cents (the emphasis is on was). To my dismay, the prices of many goods have gone up to $1.50 or more, but I understand that the owners have to raise prices once in a while to survive and thrive.

Each time I go, I'm suckered by the kitchenware and stationary sections. Everything is just so cute--the prints, the shapes, just about all the other cutesy qualities I could think of! Things are still affordable, but knowing that they cost a little more is enough to keep me from picking up everything in sight. I wound up with a small but very sturdy bag (great for small but heavy things), a notebook, and some "message cards."

The "message cards" are basically business card-size card stock. I bought them with one thing in mind:

Ah...much more presentable.


ambika said...

Do you sell your jewelry? Or were you thinking more along the lines of gifts? These really do look professional.

Also, love the fabric flower further down in your posts. Very pretty and still casual enough to wear every day--that's always the thing that keeps me away from glitzier hair accessories. I can't picture myself in them at work.

Sales Rack Raider said...

As of today, I've only been making them as gifts. I'm just tired to having to cut a piece of tag board each time I wanted to make a pair of earrings for my friends.